Hello and welcome…

Hello and welcome…

We are excited to be launching our blog finally! Molded Stone is the creative work of Brett Pope, but I am inspired by him and his work, so today I am doing the first entry on his behalf as an admirer of his work.

Lately there has been so much going on with our family. Our new baby arrived in August – Veda – and we love spending every moment possible with her (hence the blogging delay). Around the same time Veda was born, the garden was bursting with veggies to be harvested and Brett suddenly became inundated with work.  We felt so lucky to have ongoing projects and a little overwhelmed with the bounty in our lives!  Things have settled down now thankfully. With the snow comes a sense of peace and play. We have been skiing, tobogganing and skating; we’re taking time for family fun.

Brett’s working life has remained full, which is also wonderful. Each piece is like a work of art with strong personal touches. He recently finished an emerald green countertop with an integrated sink, and some beautiful handmade trivets made by the children from the home. Check out the pictures. Additionally, he completed a decorative wall for a solarium (24′ x 4′) that will be acid stained with colour in the Spring. This was an exciting project for Brett and he looks forward to leaning more about walls, hearths, and mantles at Chang’s course in March. For those of you thinking of sprucing up your interior in a small way this might be the ticket.

Currently, Brett is co-designing a kitchen countertop and island with Neil Nedham. Keep a watch out for those photos in the coming months. A bathroom reno is also underway including a vanity, bathtub form, and shower stall all in concrete with a natural finish. It will be gorgeous and we will continue to post as those jobs are completed. I can’t wait to see them!

Meanwhile, it’s bedtime for Veda so I’m signing off.

ta ta,