Colour Choices by Molded Stone


I started Molded Stone six years ago. The first two years were focused on research and development to familiarize myself with concrete as a medium. Previous to starting the company, I completed four years of art school, majoring in mixed media with a minor in bronze casting. My fourth year I majored in bronze. Throughout my four years in school, I focused on three dimensional forms utilizing sculpture and assembling found objects. As a mold builder in bronze casting, it was easy to switch over to pre-cast concrete form building. In this work building the mold is 75% of the job.

Since graduating, I have worked in construction doing foundation work to roofing. This experience has given me an understanding of the structural support needed when adding heavy concrete into the home. In most cases, houses can allow for the extra weight.

In the six years of Molded Stone, I have been a member of Cheng Concrete and have trained under Fu Tung Cheng at his studio in Berkley, California. Fu Tung Cheng is one of the founders of the decorative concrete movement. He expanded the concept with concrete applications throughout home. The techniques he teaches are based on many years of experience and practice. The courses I have taken with him have taught me invaluable lessons that are unique to the field. In this way Molded Stone offers a very specific kind of concrete feature that has benefited from Cheng’s knowledge base.

Molded Stone is committed to building one-of-a-kind works with an artistic and sculptural intention for your home or business. We use only local materials, sand and aggregates, which is primarily quarts and granite. With Molded Stone products there is no limit to what we can create for you. I love my work and the creative process with every client.

Additionally, Molded Stone offers a full list of sub-contractors to meet any renovation needs, either in conventional or alternative construction. For example, cabinetry, plumbing, electrical, or general contracting for larger projects and all your finishing needs.

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Brett Pope founder, designer, builder